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Mill Valley, CA
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I am a lawyer in Brazil. I  graduated from UNESP in 2017.UNESP is considered to be one of the best law schools in Brazil . Also,  I’m currently a Master's student in Compliance at the Universidad Castilla de La Mancha in Spain, under the coordination of Adán Martin Nieto , a European expert on the subject of compliance.

In my master's work, I’m responsible for the development of the Compliance Program for the “Rede Mulher Empreendedora” (women entrepreneur network) (RME) , under the coordination of one of the most admired legal personalities in Brazil, Roberta Codignoto, who I had the honor and luck to meet this year. RME is the largest female entrepreneurship network in Brazil. It helps thousands of women with entrepreneurship in a country that, unfortunately, suffers from some of the greatest gender inequalities in the world

In addition, I’m also doing an exchange in California, where I take some courses to improve my skills in ESL, compliance, business ethics and how to deal with the COVID crisis, including a Stanford University certificate.

I am interested in the areas of Compliance and related topics (human rights, white collar crimes, business ethics).

Practice Areas

  • Compliance Counseling