Kim Bullard

Song by Kim & Cece Bullard  -- "I'm With You"

Well-known artist, Kim Bullard and his wife, Cece, wrote and performed a song for the 2020 WWCDA Awards Gala. The song was such a success, the Bullards gave WWCDA permission to use and display the song.  Here is the story behind this beautiful song.  

After meeting and talking with WWCDA Global Chair & Co-Founder Karen Popp in and hearing about WWCDA and it's mission, Kim Bullard was inspired to write a song about the Association and our members.  Kim is an American pianist, songwriter, record producer, and film composer. He has been the lead keyboardist for  Elton John since 2009. He also previously toured with Crosby, Stills & Nash, and has worked with several other well-known artists throughout his career.

When Kim debuted his song at the WWCDA Awards Gala on December 1, 2020, he spoke about being moved by the overlay of relationships women attorneys have in the many facets of their lives and the work of the WWCDA.  He used the word "hero."   He specifically called out one such hero -- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- who WWCDA was remembering during the 2020 Awards Gala and honoring with the announcement of an annual award that bears her name.  He also talked about the supportive relationships with each other that are formed amongst members through involvement in the WWCDA, and the relationships that the organization has as it faces outward to the world.

When Kim spoke during the Awards Gala, he told the WWCDA membership that “what really moved me…it gets back to the individual relationships you have with your clients. It can’t be overstated just how important that is. Whether you win a case or lose a case, the fact you are with your client during this time of need makes it a sacred relationship in a way. You can really change their life, and a lot of times you do, I’m sure. The important thing is that you are in solidarity with them, just with them and that means a lot.”

Entitled, “I’m With You,” the song was written specifically for WWCDA by Kim Bullard with the help of his wife, Cece Bullard, who also sang the song at the Awards Gala.  The Bullard's beautiful and poignant song meant so much to the membership when it debuted at the Awards Gala, and it continues to exemplify the essence of our Association when it is played at our events.

WWCDA thanks Kim and Cece Bullard for sharing their talent and passion with us through this beautiful song!