Committees and Org Chart

WWCDA Committees

WWCDA has four standing umbrella committees that lead and facilitate the events, initiatives, and other activities of the WWCDA: The Executive Committee, Administrative Committees, Program & Initiatives Committees, and Young Professionals Committees. The committee members are volunteers from the WWCDA chapters around the world. Any WWCDA chapter member wishing to serve on a committee can submit an application at the link below.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Global Chair, Global Vice Chairs, Global Secretary, the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, and Regional Vice Chairs (North America East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, and Europe & Latin America, and Asia Pacific).  The Executive Committee meets monthly by telephone to address various issues about WWCDA and to enhance the communications amongst WWCDA, the chapters and members.  The committee may function as the Advisory Board between meetings of the Advisory Board and may otherwise inform and advise the Advisory Board.

Global Chair and Co-Founder: Karen Popp

Global Vice Co-Chair: Susan Bozorgi

Global Vice Co-Chair: Michelle Shapiro

Global Secretary: Kristin Koehler

Vice Chair of Executive Committee: Theresa Trzaskoma

Administrative Committees

The Administrative Committees address a wide-range of issues for WWCDA in dealing with the day-to-day operations of the organization. There are eleven Administrative Committees: Branding & Marketing, Chapters, Chapter Launch, Historian, Membership & Alumni, OFAC Compliance, Privacy, Social Media, Sponsors, Technology/Website, and Treasurer. AlixPartners, Alvarez & Marsal, and KPMG provide support for the activities related to financial matters, historian/archives and OFAC compliance, respectively.

Branding & Marketing Committee Co-Chair: Brooke Hopkins

Branding & Marketing Committee Co-Chair: Jennifer Windom

Chapters Committee Chair Co-Chair: Joanelle O'Cleirigh

Chapters Committee Chair Co-Chair: Kristen Winemiller

Historian Committee Co-Chair: Bridget Moore

Historian Committee Co-Chair: Laureen Ryan

Sponsors Committee Chair: Miranda Hooker

Technology/Website Committee Chair: Susan Bozorgi

Treasurer: Susan Markel

Programs & Initiatives Committees

The Program & Initiatives Committees consists of members from various chapters of the WWCDA and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing all of WWCDA’s programs. Responsibilities include handling the logistics for events, program planning, obtaining and overseeing vendors, and collaborating with other organizations. The Committee also helps to place chapter members as speakers at other group’s conferences. There are ten Programs & Initiatives Committees: Annual Meeting, Awards Program, Diversity, Monitor/Receiver Initiative, Newsletter, Programs, Rankings & Endorsements, Small Firm Initiative, Speakers Initiative, and Thought Leadership. 

Annual Meeting Committee Co-Chair: Stacey F. Gottlieb

Annual Meeting Committee Co-Chair: Stacie Hartman

Awards Program Committee Co-Chair: Hannah Bornstein

Awards Program Committee Co-Chair: Carrie Cohen

Awards Program Committee Co-Chair: Naana Frimpong

Diversity Committee Co-Chair: Shirley Emehelu

Diversity Committee Co-Chair: Rasha Shields

Monitor/Receiver Initiative Committee Co-Chair: Michele Edwards

Monitor/Receiver Initiative Committee Co-Chair: Kristin Graham Koehler

Newsletter Committee Co-Editor: Iris Bennett

Newsletter Committee Co-Editor: Demme Doufekias

Programs Committee Chair: Amanda Raad

Programs Committee Chair: Hartley M. K. West

Rankings & Endorsements Committee Co-Chair: Carolyn McNiven

Rankings & Endorsements Committee Co-Chair: Krista Tongring

Small Firm Initiative Committee Co-Chair: Kris Costello

Small Firm Initiative Committee Co-Chair: Jo Ritcey-Donohue

Social Media Committee Chair: Claire Schenk

Speakers Initiative Committee Co-Chair: Marjorie J. Peerce

Speakers Initiative Committee Co-Chair: Karyl Van Tassel

Thought Leadership Committee Co-Chair: Peggy Daley

Thought Leadership Committee Co-Chair: Justine Harris

Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is comprised of WWCDA members who have been practicing or working up to ten years. There are two YPC Committees: YPC Administrative and YPC Programs & Initiatives. The YPC’s purpose is to provide more junior WWCDA members opportunities to get to know and to learn from other members with similar levels of experience, and to provide educational programming specific to junior white collar women lawyers and consultants. The YPC administers the mentor program and hosts young lawyers’ and consultants’ networking and educational programs at WWCDA and chapter events. The Committees also support the initiatives of the WWCDA through three subcommittees: Administrative, Development and Program.

Chair: Aviva Gilbert

YPC Administrative Committee Chair: Kate Dion

YPC Programs & Initiatives Committee Chair: Jennifer Lieser