WWCDA Committees

WWCDA has 17 standing committees that lead and facilitate the events, initiatives, and other activities of WWCDA. The committee members are volunteers from WWCDA chapters around the world.  The list of committees is depicted in the chart at the button below.  More information about the committees and their leaders can be found below.  Volunteer to join a committee now!  

Standing Committees

WWCDA Committees address a wide-range of issues for WWCDA in dealing with the day-to-day operations of the organization.  The committees consists of members from WWCDA chapters throughout the world and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing all of the WWCDA programs, initiatives, and activities. Responsibilities include executing on initiatives that promote WWCDA members and other women in the field, pursuing thought leadership activities, handling logistics for events, planning educational and other programming, and collaborating with other organizations.  These committees consist of those listed below, as well as the Executive Committee and Young Professionals Committee.

Annual Meeting Committee
Co-Chairs: Stacey F. Gottlieb & Amanda Raad

Awards Program Committee 
Chair: Hannah Bornstein
Vice Chair: Payal Salsburg

Chapters Committee
Co-Chairs Joanelle O'Cleirigh & Laureen Ryan

Diversity Committee
Co-Chairs: Vanessa Salinas Beckstrom & Lawanda Hodges

Membership & Alumnae Committee
Co-Chairs: Jess NallNidhi Rao

Monitor/Receiver Committee
Co-Chairs: Michele EdwardsKristin Graham Koehler

Newsletter Committee
Co-Editors: Meg StricklerVirginia Adams

Partnerships & Special Projects Committee
Brooke Hopkins & Jennifer Windom

Programs Committee
Co-Chairs: Hartley M. K. West & Yannine Robledo

Rankings & Endorsements Committee
Co-Chairs: Carolyn McNivenKrista Tongring  

Small Firm Initiative Committee
Co-Chairs: Amy Carver & Kris Costello 

Social Media Committee
Co-Chairs: Claire Schenk & Jennifer Lieser  
Vice Chairs: Katie Hausfeld & Emily Agnoli 

Speakers Committee
Co-Chairs: Marjorie J. PeerceKaryl Van Tassel  

Sponsors Committee
Co-Chairs: Miranda Hooker & Melissa Coffey
Vice Chair: Marissa Koblitz Kingman  

Thought Leadership Committee
Christine Adams
Vice Chair: Lisa Mathewson

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Global Chair, Global Vice Chairs, Global Secretary, the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, and Regional Vice Chairs (North America East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, and Europe & Latin America, and Asia Pacific).  The Executive Committee meets virtually on the second Tuesday of each month to address various issues about WWCDA and to enhance the communications amongst WWCDA, the chapters and members.  The committee may function as the Advisory Board between the quarterly meetings of the Advisory Board and may otherwise inform and advise the Advisory Board.

Global Chair and Co-Founder: Karen Popp

Global Vice Chair: Susan Bozorgi

Global Vice Chair: Michelle Shapiro

Global Deputy Vice Chair: Stacie Hartman

Global Deputy Vice Chair: Angela Xenakis

Global Secretary: Kristin Koehler

Vice Chair of Executive Committee: Theresa Trzaskoma

Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is comprised of all WWCDA members who have been working in the white collar defense field for 10 years or less.  YPC provides junior WWCDA members opportunities to network with each other, learn from the experienced members, and engage in business development activities early in their careers.  YPC provides educational programming specific to junior WWCDA members and helps to administer the WWCDA Mentoring Program.  YPC also supports the WWCDA standing committees that administer the many other WWCDA events and initiatives throughout the year. 

YPC members are the future leaders of WWCDA and in the profession.  YPC promotes the advancement of this next generation of leaders through the integration of junior members into the wider WWCDA organization, which helps to provide a Path to Leadership.  YPC also works with current WWCDA leadership, members and committees on activities that enhance the platform for junior WWCDA members to navigate the Path to Leadership in WWCDA and the profession.