WWCDA Statement Joining Together to Condemn and Fight Racism

June 5, 2020

This country has witnessed tragedy after tragedy caused by systemic bias, racism, racial injustice and an alarming decay in the rule of law. Recently, we have seen the brutal killings of George Floyd, after buying cigarettes in Minneapolis; Ahmaud Arbery, jogging in Glynn County, Georgia; Breonna Taylor, an EMT sleeping in her home in Louisville, Kentucky and others. Their deaths have rightly led to global peaceful protests and highlighted the systemic racism in the United States. These events are a call to all of us to take a stand for equality, justice, freedom and the rule of law for all, and to insist that every person be treated equally, fairly and with dignity and humanity. Recent events have taken a toll on our Black communities and everyone who despises injustice. It is time to confront the issues that are the clear root causes of these killings and the civil unrest.

The Women’s White Collar Defense Association (WWCDA) is committed to equality and inclusion; as an organization, we are outraged by the racism and intolerance that is prevalent in our nation and our criminal justice system. As defense lawyers and other professionals, we stand for fairness, equality, civility and compassion for all people. WWCDA recognizes that, as an organization and as individuals, we have much work to do to help right the wrongs.

There are no simple solutions to racism and bias, whether conscious or unconscious. But we must have constructive dialogue and work productively to dismantle structures that systematically disadvantage some and advantage others.

WWCDA asks our community, supporters and other friends to boldly take a stand. Take action by, among other things, learning more about the issues, working to correct injustices, defending those who are wronged, and leading inclusively. We invite you to join us in standing against racism and injustice in any form and in making changes to bolster justice for Black America.

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