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North America West Coast
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Pacific Northwest Law LLP
Portland, OR
direct: (503) 222-3120

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I represent businesses and individuals under criminal investigation and those facing serious charges. My practice is focused on white collar defense, complex federal litigation, regulatory compliance and professional licensing. I appear regularly in both federal and state courts. In the early part of my career, I handled a series of murder cases and won an acquittal in a death penalty prosecution. Then I took on a number of clients charged with conspiring against the government or political terrorism, and developed a familiarity with cross-border issues. Later, I began to represent political figures and advise organizations. I troubleshoot for a number of non-profit organizations and businesses now, ranging from security to government relations, foreign investigation, digital forensics and cyber.

Representative Matters

• Represented principal in crypto currency firm
• Represented foreign national charged with cybercrime

• Represented the head of cybercrime task force charged with computer crime
• Represented multiple political figures under investigation for alleged sexual improprieties
• Represented numerous college students charged with Title IX violations
• Represented manager of a 1031 exchange investigated for fraud, subsequently convincing professional board to maintain his license
• Represented numerous medical professionals in licensing investigations
• Represented the head of a currency trading firm with offices in the Caribbean and Dubai who was prosecuted federally, with simultaneous civil suit brought by CFTC Receiver
• Represented an officer of an international investment firm prosecuted federally for fraud ($168 million), while defending simultaneous Nevada prosecution and bankruptcy fraud investigation
• Represented the head of a warehouse bank in a tax conspiracy trial prosecuted by Main Justice
• Represented an unlicensed investment advisor prosecuted by Main Justice in two federal districts for large scale fraud carried out in Switzerland, London and the Cayman Islands against wealthy individual
• Represented a commercial real estate broker prosecuted for forgery, with simultaneous bankruptcy litigation of fraud claims in another federal district
• Represented officer of a telecom company in an SEC civil enforcement suit
• Represented a broker investigated by the CFTC for unprofessional conduct
• Represented engineering firm cleared by OIG of false claims allegations raised by a whistleblower
• Represented construction firm investigated federally for payroll tax violations related to labor contracting practices
• Represented business owner prosecuted by Main Justice for labor trafficking and tax evasion, with simultaneous civil forfeiture claims
• Represented an officer of a defense contractor charged with providing substandard components for aeronautic use
• Pool counsel for employees of a multinational investigated for falsifying lab results of rocket components 
• Pool counsel for employees of a major health care organization under investigation for fraudulent billing practices
• Represented officer of health care institution investigated for Medicare fraud
• Represented owners of vacation rental business investigated for fraud
• Represented business owner charged with racketeering under state statute, with simultaneous civil forfeiture action 
• Represented son of company owner charged with RCRA violations
• Represented winery manager charged with wildlife offense on winery property
• Represented manufacturing company owner charged with Clean Water Act violations
• Represented CEO of paper mill investigated for Clean Water Act violations
• Represented employee of silicon wafer plant investigated for Clean Water Act violations
• Represented longshoreman investigated for Clean Water Act violations
• Represented First Mate investigated for manslaughter following collision at sea while he was at the helm
• Represented individual from whom funds had been seized for federal forfeiture, obtaining verdict that resulted in the return of the funds and an award of attorney fees
• Represented innocent owner to whom funds seized for forfeiture returned
• Represented engineer investigated for procuring oscillator from US company and providing it to restricted national of terrorism-designated state 
• Represented numerous individuals and businesses investigated for potential violations of providing material support to prohibited terrorist organizations
• Represented local mosques in suit alleging civil rights violations
• Pro bono counsel for Oregon Innocence Project in DNA litigation
• Represented individual defending security clearance before the Nuclear National Security Commission, US Department of Energy
• Represented individual investigated by Nuclear Regulatory Commission

• Represented whistleblowers in an SEC enforcement action

Other Distinctions

• Co-Chair, Oregon-Idaho WWCDA Chapter 2017 - present
• WWCDA Executive Committee Vice Chair/ North American West Coast, 2019 - present
• Co-Chair, WWCDA Chapters Committee 2019 - 2023
• Oregon Public Defense Services Commissioner, 2022 - 2023
• Super Lawyers: White Collar
• A/V rated
• Led Oregon Tribal FFC Workgroup - Legislation Adopted 2021
• Oregon State Bar Member Service Award 2021

• Ore. Legislative Electronic Privacy Communications Workgroup 2017 - 2019 
• Board Member, Oregon Federal Bar Association 2012 - 2020 
• Chair, Oregon Federal Bar Association Awards Committee 2016 - 2020
• Chair, Oregon FBA Haggerty Scholars Committee 2019 - 2020
• Executive Committee, Oregon State Bar Indian Law 2013 - 2022 
• Strike Force Liaison, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
     2018 - present
• Vice Chair, Multnomah Bar Association Judicial Screening Committee    
     2003 - 2007
• Vice Chair, Oregon Bar, Press & Broadcaster Council 2002 - 2006
• Chair, Oregon State Bar Indigent Defense Task Force III 1999 - 2001
• National Board of Governors, Human Rights Campaign 1996 - 2000
• Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Education Committee
     1995 - 1999
• Inaugural Member, Oregon State Bar House of Delegates 1996 - 1998
• Regional Arts & Culture Council Public Art Committee 1996 - 1998
• Oregon State Bar Judicial Administration Committee 1994 - 1997
• Life Member, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
• Minnesota DFL State Delegate and Rules Committee Member
• Spanish language competency

Practice Areas

  • Computer Forensics
  • Corporate Crime
  • Cross-border Investigations
  • Cybercrime
  • Environmental
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Government Contracting, Bid Protests and the False Claims Act
  • Government Investigations
  • Healthcare
  • Internal Investigations
  • SEC Enforcement
  • Trials
  • White Collar Crime