Sophie Balaÿ


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New York, NY
Work: +1 917 970 0879, ext 107

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New York


Sophie Balaÿ is Manager at Vidocq. Originally trained as a lawyer, Sophie quickly directed her interest towards financial crime investigation, particularly international money laundering networks, the location and restitution of criminal proceeds, as well as financial crime relating to cultural heritage.

Sophie has been involved in numerous complex investigation and intelligence files, including a major corruption case in the fishing sector in South West Africa, and suspicious real estate transactions which had been reported by a Canadian financial institution. She also assisted a law firm with the recovery of significant ill-gotten assets diverted from a foreign country.

Prior to working at Vidocq, Sophie was involved in the fight against counterfeiting and trafficking of cultural property, working at law firms in Paris, London and Shanghai. She was also involved in investigative journalism in in Sarajevo, Bucharest, and Moscow. 

Practice Areas

  • Compliance Counseling
  • Crisis Management
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Internal Investigations