Vanessa Huygen van Dyck

Criminal Tax Lawyer and Tax Dispute Attorney,
HuygenLammers Advocaten

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Since being admitted to the Netherlands Bar Association in 2005, I have built a solid reputation in the field of Criminal Tax Law and Tax Dispute Law (Tax Litigation). I guide my clients through the ‘mine fields’ of Criminal, Confiscation and/or Tax procedures for the best result with the least stress.

In 2021 I started my own law firm together with Marloes Lammers: HuygenLammers Advocaten. From this brand new – ladies only – law firm I will continue my law practice.

The field of Criminal Tax Law is closely linked with (other) criminal charges of White Collar Crime, such as money laundering and forgery. White collar crime cases also often are accompanied by Criminal Confiscation. Although in criminal tax cases the main rule is that confiscation cannot take place, this can in practice lead to fierce procedures against confiscations. When called upon, I work together with Tax Advisors and/or other Criminal Defense Lawyers.

I have extensive experience in providing legal aid in cases that concern either one of these fields, in particular in the area of tension between both fields. This regards tax fraud cases that can either be dealt with by imposing an administrative fine or with a criminal prosecution, at the discretion of the public prosecutor.

Also, criminal (white collar crime, tax fraud and other) cases can have severe tax consequences that are important to keep in mind and take possible countermeasures against. You can in this respect think of (1) tax assessments regarding profits that are or will be (criminal) confiscated and (2) after a conviction becomes final, taxation of costs regarding criminally earned profits that previously could be deducted, for five years calculating backwards from that final conviction.

More information and ways to contact me also see my Linkedin profile. My blog posts on are unfortunately are almost all in Dutch, but feel free to contact me for translation or if you have questions on the various subjects. This also counts for my published articles and published comments on case law.

My resume:

2021 – present   (Founder) Criminal tax lawyer & Tax attorney with HuygenLammers Advocaten

2008 – present   Criminal tax lawyer & tax attorney
2017 – 2021        ~ as from 2017 as partner of Jaeger Tax Attorneys

2014 – 2021        ~ Jaeger Advocaten-belastingkundigen (Jaeger Tax Attorneys)

2008 – 2014        ~ Peek Utrecht Advocaten-belastingkundigen

1998 – 2004        Criminal and Tax Law @ Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RuG)

Additional positions

2016 - present    Chairwoman of the Advisory Committee to the Dutch Bar Association regarding legislative proposal in the field of Tax law

2014 – present   Member of the Board of the Dutch Association of Tax Attorneys (NVAB, Nederlandse Vereniging van Advocaten-Belastingkundigen)

Practice Areas

  • Corporate Crime
  • Tax Controversy
  • White Collar Crime