Deana Timberlake-Wiley

Founding Partner,
The Law Offices of Deana Timberlake-Wiley, Inc.

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The Law Offices of Deana Timberlake-Wiley, Inc.
Peachtree City, GA
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​Deana is an award winning trial attorney with more than 25 years of experience investigating and litigating complex white-collar criminal cases in federal courts throughout the United States.  She represents targets, defendants and witnesses in cases involving fraud, conspiracy, public corruption, healthcare fraud, antitrust, embezzlement, obstruction of justice and Payment Protection Program ("PPP") fraud.  She also represents corporate clients in need of internal investigations, antitrust counseling and compliance training.  Deana has successfully used her federal experience to defend state criminal cases and resolve business law disputes. 

A proud graduate of the Howard University School of Law, Deana's passion is to continue to be a "social engineer" by giving a voice to those who find themselves trying to navigate through the legal system and to ensure fair and equal justice for all.  Clients of the firm have expressed appreciation for her efforts to help them deal with the stress of being involved in the legal system.  Deana is a proponent of being pro-active before legal issues arise, but when they do, she is able to provide quality legal services that are efficient and effective without being unduly financially burdensome.

Practice Areas

  • Antitrust
  • Corporate Crime
  • Government Investigations
  • Healthcare
  • Internal Investigations
  • Qui Tam; Whistleblower Defense
  • State Attorney Generals
  • Trials
  • White Collar Crime

Law or Graduate School Name

  • Howard University School of Law

Law or Graduate School Year

  • 1994