New Member Application

WWCDA has chapters throughout the world. Membership is free. To become a member of WWCDA, you must be a lawyer currently working in a law firm or a professional currently working in a consulting firm that represents or otherwise assist clients facing government enforcement actions (criminal, civil, regulatory, and administrative), and/or internal investigations, compliance and/or other defense matters. You can see a list of the practice areas that meet this criteria here.        

You must also join a chapter where your primary work address is located and meet the additional membership criteria of the particular chapter.  The membership criteria for each chapter can be found on the individual chapter webpages. There are four types of membership categories and you must select the category you satisfy according to the chapter criteria.   

1. Law Firm Attorney Member

2. Consultant Member

3. Law Firm Attorney Affiliate

4. Consultant Affiliate

Review the chapter criteria, select which category you satisfy and Apply now.  

Membership Criteria & Categories -- Further Explained Below  

All chapters welcome as members women attorneys who work in law firms who primarily practice in the area of White Collar Defense and Investigations, defined as those who specialize in the representation of corporations, other organizations and individuals facing government enforcement actions (criminal, civil, regulatory, and administrative), and/or internal investigations, compliance and other defense matters [Click here to see a list of the practice areas that meet this criteria]. This category of membership is called:  "Law Firm Attorney Member."

Some chapters, however, may limit Law Firm Attorney Membership to women of certain seniority in order to facilitate the strength and growth of the professional support and referral network in that chapter.  Although women law firm attorneys of all levels (partner, counsel, associate, staff) may apply to join a chapter, for those chapters that limit membership based upon seniority, those more junior attorneys can still join the chapter under an "Affiliate" status, which permits them to participate in certain activities of the chapter and WWCDA ("Law Firm Attorney Affiliate").  

Many WWCDA chapters also welcome consultants as members ("consultant member"). This pertains to women professionals who work in consulting firms  (or non-attorney professionals who work at law firms) that also specialize in the White Collar Defense and Investigations field while offering support services and referral opportunities to attorneys in private practice.  However, as WWCDA is primarily an organization for women attorneys in private practice, membership of women consulting professionals may not be permitted in some chapters or only permitted at a certain seniority.  

If a chapter limits membership to women law firm attorneys and/or senior women only, the chapter may offer the opportunity to become an “affiliate” of the chapter, if the woman otherwise qualifies under the criteria set forth herein.  The affiliate status will permit the woman to participate in certain activities of the chapter and WWCDA ("law firm attorney affiliate" or "consultant affiliate").  

Which of the four categories an applicant must choose when submitting an application will depend upon the chapter membership category rules for the chapter location where the applicant works, and possibly her seniority. 

Note that there are fifth and sixth categories on the membership application called “Sponsor" and "Alumnae Member."   The “Sponsor” category is to be used only in unique situations where the applicant is an employee of a sponsor organization, but does not otherwise qualify under the other membership categories and specifically qualifies under the terms of the sponsorship agreement or otherwise is helping WWCDA in some capacity.  The "Alumnae Member" category is for a former member of WWCDA who no longer works in the private sector at a law firm or consulting firm.   

Some WWCDA events and activities may be limited to law firm attorneys.


If you wish to apply to join a WWCDA chapter, please complete and submit the application below after you have filled in each of the demographic fields, and chosen the correct membership category and chapter location.  Your information will be shared with and transferred to both the WWCDA in the United States as well as the appropriate local chapter relevant to your location.  Once your completed application is submitted, we will contact you.  If accepted to join WWCDA, you will be notified and invited to take the final required step, which is to complete each field on your WWCDA profile (including uploading your current firm bio and .jpeg photo). 

If you have questions or if you work in an area that does not have a chapter, please send an email to 

Please read our Privacy Statement for more details about how we use your personal data.